CS8803: Security, Privacy, & Democracy

Georgia Tech, Fall 2023


Important Project Due Dates and Timeline

I really encourage students to start thinking about project ideas early, ideally in the first week. I am more than happy to chat about half-baked ideas, please reach out via Canvas or email to schedule a time.

General timeline:

  1. Students will be expected to provide an email to the staff in the second week declaring their group of 2-3, and a short description of a non-binding project idea.
  2. Teams must schedule a meeting with the instructor during the third week to discuss the project.
  3. Teams must write a final paper, due on the last day of class.
  4. Teams must present a final project presentation, which will happen during the last two days of class (depending on enrollment).

For exact due dates, please see the Schedule.

Tips for Writing and Presenting

All papers must be provided in PDF format, using the class LaTeX template. I heavily reccomend using LaTeX, but students are allowed to use another writing method with permission from the instructor.

A useful Latex tutorial can be found here.

There are a number of fantastic writing resources available. Personally, I found Strunk and White’s “The Elements of Style” to be an excellent resource, and required only an afternoon of reading. Seriously, it’ll change your life.

For presenting, I encourage all who will listen to watch Patrick Winston’s legendary How To Speak lecture. A text adaptation is available as well, which goes further into depth on many of the topics discussed.